Friday, 21 January 2011

New year.......lets start with a Folksy Friday!

Hi everyone,

After a unexpectedly busy end of 2010 (unfortunately, not the sort of 'busy' we were hoping for!) we have dried off, moved out of the shop, filled my house with boxes and wool.....and cooked christmas dinner for 16 people :)

So 2011 will hopefully bring a different direction for Recrafted, more focus on Folksy and Etsy shops, and the neglected blog - oops, and this year, we really want to find ourselves, figure out what it is we really want to make (and stop making really random bits and bobs) and get us a 'collection' together.

I am always so impressed with people when they have a really cohesive range thats fits together well, whilst still having a variety of items to suit everyone...

So here is my Folksy Friday, dedicated to those impressive makers that have themselves sussed:

Heart Zeena
Stunning hand printed accessories.

Granny Ruth
SO cute - felty goodness, planty pincushions...

The Linen Cat
How cute is this wee fella, love the Mirabelle Liberty fabric too (I know I have a metre somewhere, just not located it yet!)

Jil made this

I love the way Jil prints on to patterned fabric much fun:)

anyways, baby is back soon x


  1. They are all so cute! What great picks!

  2. Thanks for including one of my bunnies, and in such good company too, off to check out the other makers and the rest of your blog. All the best, Beth :)