Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Make List

Right, I have been on this sofa for nearly 3 weeks now (tonsillectomy recovery and then beating an infection - joy!). Can you imagine the chaos inside my head as I sit here browsing blogs/Pinterest etc and look whistfully at my fabric stash!?

This is the list I have made on my iphone in a bid to organise and prioritise my thoughts:

Fabric houses/Playtown for Moo (maybe with a quilty playmat?)
Bunting - with a couple of twists...
Sew lovely frocks from all the lovely Collette and Merchant and Mills Patterns I have stashed. (oh, and some for Moo with Oliver and S patterns).
Fairytale mobiles
more clouds....
Fairytale doll sets for Moo.

I want to start with the Princess and the Pea, as this is something I have been imagining ever since I found out I was pregnant ... I know there are a few sets already out there... a pretty cute one from a danish company called 'Maileg' for starters. . . .

However, in my head, their mattresses are more 'real', with ticking and piping ... all a little more vintage - not sure whether I can actually make it but I will keep you posted!

R x

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Back on track!?

I am not going to linger too much on the fact that I haven't blogged since the new year .. ahem ...

I have spent the last few months going back to the day job, clearing stock from my poor, full to bursting house and having fun with Millicent Rose.

There has been a little bit of sewing but unfortunately Tonsillitis has plagued me this year, and it is only now (I am currently recovering from a Tonsillectomy) that I have started to really think about future projects.


Millie loves her fluffy cloud, I originally intended it to be a hanging decoration but she likes to hug it and use it as a little pillow!

Baby Bunting
- this bunting was something I first made for a friend's baby a few years ago, I also sold some to a lovely new mum for a christening. Recently, I had a lovely surprise when she contacted me after 2 years to order some more bunting for her second baby!

right, off to go and furkle through my stash!

R x

Friday, 4 February 2011

End of a (little) Era...

Hi all,

Well, today is the last day of my Maternity leave. I have had an amzing 10 months off, 9 with my little lady Millicent Rose.
I have got to grips (nearly) with motherhood, opened and closed a shop, taught people how to sew/print/felt and done a little bit of sewing.
I look back and think, why didn't I.....well we all do that don't we?

Seriously though, hindsight is a wonderful thing and if I could do it again I think I would have spent more time really sorting myself and my sewing out. I love making things, especially personalised items but struggle to stick to one project. This often means that my stock is a bit haphazard and doesn't really represent what I am about. I often need a deadline to finish items, so unless it is a present, or a special order it just might not get done.

I am going to spend 2011 just making things I want to make (and the usual orders and pressies - lots more babies arriving this year!) and hope that this will make things a little clearer for me.
I am also going to continue to try and sell all the stock that is filling my house, I am thinking that Toddler + piles of stuff = disaster....

SO, thanks to all my new baby friends, who are amazing. All my 'old' friends who were SO supportive when I opened the shop and did anything and everything to make it happpen!

I might get a little blog together about opening a real shop - just in case my lessons can help someone else?

Here's to 2011!

Friday, 21 January 2011

New year.......lets start with a Folksy Friday!

Hi everyone,

After a unexpectedly busy end of 2010 (unfortunately, not the sort of 'busy' we were hoping for!) we have dried off, moved out of the shop, filled my house with boxes and wool.....and cooked christmas dinner for 16 people :)

So 2011 will hopefully bring a different direction for Recrafted, more focus on Folksy and Etsy shops, and the neglected blog - oops, and this year, we really want to find ourselves, figure out what it is we really want to make (and stop making really random bits and bobs) and get us a 'collection' together.

I am always so impressed with people when they have a really cohesive range thats fits together well, whilst still having a variety of items to suit everyone...

So here is my Folksy Friday, dedicated to those impressive makers that have themselves sussed:

Heart Zeena
Stunning hand printed accessories.

Granny Ruth
SO cute - felty goodness, planty pincushions...

The Linen Cat
How cute is this wee fella, love the Mirabelle Liberty fabric too (I know I have a metre somewhere, just not located it yet!)

Jil made this

I love the way Jil prints on to patterned fabric much fun:)

anyways, baby is back soon x