Thursday, 25 August 2011

Back on track!?

I am not going to linger too much on the fact that I haven't blogged since the new year .. ahem ...

I have spent the last few months going back to the day job, clearing stock from my poor, full to bursting house and having fun with Millicent Rose.

There has been a little bit of sewing but unfortunately Tonsillitis has plagued me this year, and it is only now (I am currently recovering from a Tonsillectomy) that I have started to really think about future projects.


Millie loves her fluffy cloud, I originally intended it to be a hanging decoration but she likes to hug it and use it as a little pillow!

Baby Bunting
- this bunting was something I first made for a friend's baby a few years ago, I also sold some to a lovely new mum for a christening. Recently, I had a lovely surprise when she contacted me after 2 years to order some more bunting for her second baby!

right, off to go and furkle through my stash!

R x

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